Make a Discretionary Will Trust Online

Its Easy Online!

Making a Discretionary Will Trust is not difficult. One of the easiest ways to do it is with the Online Will providers.

You can now make a
Discretionary Trust Will Online
at various websites.

Having looked at most of the offerings available, the BEST BY FAR, in my opinion, can be found at

If you want to go direct to their Online Discretionary Will Trust page

TenminuteWill is not the cheapest provider (its marginally more expensive than the very cheap ones) BUT it offers far more than the cheap providers can. There are numerous reasons why we consider it the best of the Online Will providers but the most important are:-

It is solicitor checked - vital to ensure you don't make a mistake.

It has a FREE Trial and Money Back Guarantee

You can make FREE updates an changes in the future. Most of the cheaper providers will charge you to make these changes.

You can print it off immediatley - no waiting around.

Offers Power of Attorney if required.

Offers binding service if required.

Visit their home page here

Go direct to their Discretionary Will Trust Page

You can download a comprehensive "Guide to Discretionary Trust Wills" or Make a Discretionary Trust Will here